Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cowboy/Cowgirl 1st Birthday Theme

I designed a this set for a pair of boy/girl twins.
Their 1st Birthday theme was cowboy/cowgirl
For a December birthday, I did white turtlenecks with their first initial applique'd on the necks

Her turtleneck has red daisy trim on sleeves
Overalls for her were trimmed with the same red daisy trim,
Patchwork on legs and front pocket covered with
navy bandnanna fabric wtih #1 applique'd in red baby cord.
Ruffles of navy & red bandanna fabric and navy &
white polka dot top stitched in red
Red balls trim the ruffles
White socks with red & white polka-dot ruffles
Hair bow is red & white polka-dot
Back pockets covered in the same bandanna material,
& trimmed in red daisy
1 pocket applique'd with her first initial.

His turtleneck sleaves have patchwork of the red & navy bandanna material on the elbows
Front pocket covered in red baby cord, applique'd #1 in navy bandanna  fabric
Patchwork on legs
Trim on the leg is red & navy bandanna fabric,
cuff turned up-red baby cord fabric is revealed.

Back yolk on overalls is covered with the navy & red bandanna fabric,
Pocket is covered in red baby cord & appliqe'd first initial in navy bandanna fabric.

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